Saturday, 31 July 2010

A day of Printing.....

I spent yesterday with two lovely groups of families as part of a Heritage project for MK Arts for Health. The charity has been 'given back' some objects found in Milton Keynes for a year. They have planned a whole diary of projects around the objects.

My part was to deliver a printing workshop based on the Roman and Medieval coins found in the area, here are a few pics from the day:

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The tale of 2 Quilts.....

Once upon a time, a stitcher called Veronika started a quilt for her daugher. She jokes that it was 'years ago' but infact I think it was only last September. It took the best part of two terms to make, just 2 hours a week, and V spent quite alot of time just laying out the fabric and planning her creation. Don't we all just love to do that??
Well, here it is and what a quilt!! There were a few 'tweaks' along the way and we had to trim the edges before V bound it because some of the layers didn't match up. But what a quilt!!

Lovely work....
And then there was another story, V has another child and she needed to make him a quilt just as lovely BUT QUICKER!!
So with a bit of searching and re-arranging of fabric, we came up with this simple plan of bands of print and some applique.

Sorry you have to crick your necks!!
Veronika was tempted occasionally to 'add' a few bits and I was guilty of suggesting different things, it's my job to inspire and suggest, but she kept her mind on the job and finished this one in 6 sessions. Not as complicated, but just as lovely.
The quilt is not quite finished yet, the binding still has to be hand stitched round, but Marco knows it is his already.
Well done V!