Sunday, 2 November 2014

A recent printing course has started and finished!

During the already busy month of October, I started and finished teaching an introduction to Textile Printing course. With no particular outcomes in mind other than to have a go at some new techniques for beginners and add some new ideas for textile ladies from previous courses.

The first week we did some polystyrene 'carving' I have always loved the speed and simplicity of these and the results are generally great and have some exciting potential for further projects.

The following week we looked at 'soft-cut' lino carving, some of the group were more frustrated with this technique but the results we sharper and had an added texture of their own with the residue from the cutting, which I love.

At the end of week 2 I sent them all home with a recipe for a gelli plate, so they would all come prepared for week 3. I love the abstract layering of these but I know some of the ladies struggled with the messiness of them and preferred repeating patterns of other weeks.

Anthea had also made some collage plates to make patterns and textures in her printing.

The final week was spent making simple screen prints, to great success!

Jo printed anything she could lay her hands on, including this bag and her note book :)

This short course was a great success and I think there are lots of ideas flowing for future projects. Thanks ladies for taking part and bringing your enthusiasm and thoughts. Jane x