Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quilts and Zentangle!

A stitcher I met 3 years ago is now working in the creche of another group I teach in, it's great to keep in contact and I asked Eleanor to bring in her quilt she has been working on for the last 3 years. Yes, 3 years! But as she reminded me, she has done 2 NVQ courses over that time as well as working and looking after her young son. So here is an update photo and this is the original post from long ago.

My new group were completely impressed with her work and could not envisage making this by hand, so all credit to you Eleanor!!

Suzie has worked well on her cross stitch, she chose not to plan it out exactly on graph paper and I cannot blame her - I would just get on with it myself. But the pattern has not quite matched up and being a very graphic image, it does stand out. We thought about a suitable pattern to use as a filler and came up with a diamond. I look forward to seeing the finished piece this week.

Odette is working on a quilt of her son's old clothes, she has become obsessed with cutting out squares and we laid them out last week. A really lovely balance of colours and patterns. This quilt is going to get bigger and bigger I can tell.

We started off last week with some Zentangle, I suggested it might be a good starting point for an embroidery or some doodling on a scrapbooking page.
I set it as homework, so I hope they have had fun!