Thursday, 24 September 2009

This weeks update....

What a busy week! I have had full 2 busy classes packed with eager stitchers to get on and stitch - fantastic!

This is the beginning of a lovely project, I am looking forward to the applique and embroidery planned for it.

Here are some little characters for a collage based upon the Government scheme 'every child matters'. We have borrowed the images and enlarged them, then coloured them with fabric pens and made little cushions, any fine features are embroidered on afterwards. They will be stitched onto the collage to give a real 3D feel to the picture. This was all done in one morning, well done ladies!
Maggie is working on a mobile for her daughters based on weather and seasons. She got the idea from this lovely Doodle stitching embroidery book and has worked really well at home on her own. Good work.
This morning I started stitching with a new group. Last week we planned a collage for the Children's Centre based around first sounds in language - cat, dog etc and also native british animals - bat, badger, fox. This is work so far: not a great picture, but a good start to the project and there are lots of brilliant ideas for the rest of the term.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

......starting a 'new' blog, are you mad!

Yes, tis true! I have been wanting to start my own creative blog since I threw this one together in the New Year. Well, here it is as last. Still carn't work out the technology, so it won't move as quickly as I would hope but it's a start......:-)
Oh my, and I am trying to open a shop on etsy......the children will have to learn to cook for themselves and work the washing machine.
Wish me luck please!!!!!
p.s. I will still be working on this one, I will not leave my trusty students unsung.x

(a small patchbird to tempt you with)

New class II

Another crafty afternoon was had in NB, Jo made a very cute brooch and has plans to make a few more for christmas. Never to early to start making, only 93 days to go apparently!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New group in the Community....

Hurray! This evening I started a new group for people who cannot come to the daytime classes. We had a lovely evening, chatting, drinking tea and looking at inspiring books. We did some suffolk puff and felt brooches and Emma made this great pink and grey one. The picture isn't great because it was dark and I just took it on my phone, but you can see how well it worked. She was delighted!

(Thanks for coming ladies)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Summer Homework!

Lisa ( I am now going to use proper names so my lovely stitchers get more credit) started a project for her small grand daughter. She wanted to make an alphabet wall hanging, with objects her daughter would recognise and lots of girly things as their house is full of big boys!
I suggested she plan out the project: as a group we thought of the different letters and what would represent them and then Lisa drew and coloured the small pictures to balance the whole effect. This worked very well and made a clear acton plan:

OMG! and LOOK what has come back after our long summer break!!!
Divine and beautifully made. Lisa has finished all of the little things, they are laid out in order so you can see what is what. As well as an alphabet, they can be used for all sorts of games and imaginative play when her grand daughter is older - I hope she doesn't chew them too much, although they are made VERY well. Everything is made out of our faithful fabric - felt (fff!)
This is a closeup of the 'quilt' for Q- a perfect reminder of how talented Lisa is in crafting! The next part is making the background and hanging it up proudly......:-)