Monday, 24 October 2011

Teaching round-up

Rounding up this half-term's work is a lovely job, lots of great projects and a lovely bunch of stitchers who really inspire each other! Well done ladies!!

This is Lizzie's take on Curious George, adapted from a patter from Hobby Craft (sshh) we made him into a toy rather than a puppet, moved his ears down a bit and gave him the cheeky 'curious' face.

 Lizzie now admits that she got bored with stitching him, but now he is finished he is a success I think. We decided that it is frustrating not to get projects finished off as quickly as you might like - children and life get in the way etc. And we all have a virtual list of projects in our heads don't we!!

 Work in progress, Michelle had a great start with this name,  cute stitching and detail.

The buttons represent the holes in the letters.

 And this is the finished name 'bunting'.

 She then was inspired to make a small character with her new found skills!

And here he is finished!

 Suzie is working towards Christmas and a lovely collection of decorations, lots of details with embroidery, beads and she found some great ribbon from The Works which was very reasonably priced. Lovely work.

Odette is working on some trees using scraps of her son's clothing for the leaves. I think these are going to look spectacular and a lovely way to remember him.

*Someone is making some booties for some new arrivals to the world, but if I tell you who is making them, the mums might work it out, so I'll keep quiet until they arrive in the world :) Cute though huh?

....and this is Lizzie's next project, something for HER, not for the boys in her life! Simple patchwork squares with fabrics we just had lying around, and each time I see Lizzie, she has thought of another way to embroider the plain ones - great skill building, go girl!