Friday, 16 March 2012

is it March already?

Oh I have been a very bad blogger, nothing for a long time. Too busy stitching and planning and looking at other peoples lovely blogs.
So to make up for it, here is a selection of work from my lovely Children's Center Stitchers:
They are pretty self sufficient now, but still need the occasional 'poke' to remind them they do know what they are doing and remind them of the things they have learnt.

This week Lizzie threaded the sewing machine up by herself - this is a real breakthrough. She then went onto make some draw bags for her boys and nephew.

Gemma had seen an owl on Pininterst that she wanted to make. Now get this - her mother-in-law happened to have the same owl, so Gemma borrowed it and we planned a great version with fabrics I had lying around and about in my stash.

 Michelle is planning......can you guess??

Gemma's owl inspired Susan to make a smaller owl, I hope I will have a photograph of both of them next week.

Karen has been busy making a gingerbread man, very cute detailing.

This was a brooch Suzie made the other week without me, lovely contrasting stitching.

Odette is planing a quilt for her young son's cot-bed. She bought a bumper ( you can see the panel in the middle of this picture) and purchased a stack of matching fat-quarters we found on ebay.
Just needs stitching together now Odette - no pressure!

I will try to be good and upload more, I have been busy honest gov.......x