Thursday, 28 January 2010

Monday group

My monday crafting group is small, but focussed and always ready with new ideas. We've been inspired by children's hand shapes leading to name plaques and badges.....
One thing has led to another, learners have been inspired by each other, which is what it's all about.
Photo's aren't great, Children's Centers aren't set up very well for photo shoots and decent lighting, but you get the idea.

Mandy runs Baby Massage classes and she has proudly made this to let people know who she is!
There is a felt mobile somewhere in her house, a UFO, but this is the first finished project - well done Mandy!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I proudly admit that I had nothing to do with these fantastic creations by Sue, one of my students in a Children's Centre. But I think I can take credit for inspiring her to stitch and have the confidence to create these brilliant pieces -at home, on her own!
She has a wild visual sense of style and eye for detail.
As part of our felt collage for the Centre, this was the first thing Sue stitched- a lovely detailed cat. He is sitting with our seasonal tree, at the moment Work in Progress, but will be finished soon I hope.

This is the most recent addition to Sue's collection, a weasel in top-hat and tails! I have requested a badger for next week, both for our collage and in full 3-D glory.

Up to and over christmas she created a huge amount of beautiful decorations and toys for her children. Lovely work and a real inspiration to the other members of the group.

The children apparently love these and request more of the same, the partner raises an eyebrow of surprise at such the new obsession of buttons and felt!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Start the Year as I mean to go on.....

....catching up!
Ok, so I'm failing already, hey ho...
This is a collection of work from one group in MK:

Cheryl worked very well on this lovely racoon from this very inspiring book, all hand stitched and great work, well done!

Ana spent a few weeks working on these lovely decorations for her children, I hope they looked lovely on her tree! The dogs are inspired by a project in this book and the doves were her own creation.

In the final session of last year, she whizzed up these big felt hearts, good work Ana.

Rebecca is working on a mobile for her son, I hope to see it finished when the class starts again next week, lovely simple shapes and clear stitching.

Susan started off with a robin for her mantle piece and then decided he needed a friend. So she designed and made a rather lovely partridge with a pear tree applique. They do look great together.
This is a close-up of a lovely looking strawberry cake, delicious and absolutely no calories, just the cake for us. Well stitched Kellie.