Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New Term ....~':'~....

Started a new term with some lovely new stitchers this week, which is always good! Lots of good thoughts and ideas:

The beginning of a mobile for a soon to arrive Baby Girl - ahhhh

Practice your stitching while you think of a project for the term, some pin cushions to be going on with:
Lovely first project, a frog for each of Angela's children:

Lucy is going to an 'English' fancy dress party in honour of St.Georges Day. She was planning to wear green and make some roses to be an English Rose - this is what we came up with, I hope she will take more photos and will her partner dress as a bee? I hope so!

Maxine has been making a bean-bag since Christmas, but we worked out it has probably only taken 6 sessions as she has been away quite a bit, sorry for the slanting photo, don't get a crick in your neck!
We are not sure whether it is a lion/dog or tiger, but 'whatever' he is a success and will look great in her home.

...and her little boy enjoyed trying it out for the first time too!