Thursday, 17 February 2011

give away on my Crafting Blog.

It's my birthday next week, we won't talk about age.

So to help ease the pain of another year older I am giving away a special tree from my collection :)

Have a look at my blog, leave a message and hope that you win
Draw will be done on the 25th of Feb


Monday, 14 February 2011

...the sun is shining and we are inspired!

Lots of lovely stitching going on in my class last week :) Sophie is working really well on her name plate for her daughter, the stitching is soooo neat! We thought that it looked good framed in the blue and then I showed her feather stitch and by the end of that morning....

....feather stitch was done and looked just lovely. We then talked about making a felt handprint and how they all could be arranged on the hanging nameplate. Good work Sophie!

Susan has been working on some more christmas decorations, yes we know it's February, but it takes the pressure off next Christmas doesn't it!

Lizzie was a new stitcher last week and she went home with a lavender filled heart and some ideas for her boys rooms, she came back with her 'medal' all cut out and ready to finish.

...and by the end of the morning again, another finished project and some ideas for the next ones. More speedy stitching, well done!

Lauren is obsessed with cutting up her children's clothes and I mean obsessed. In fact, she said last week that it hadn't crossed her mind to 'buy' fabrics which make us laugh, but making special little things to remind her and her children of special outfits was what she was thinking of. This was the first project made with care and her daughter really loves it.

and this is work in progress for her son. My aim is to teach Lauren a new stitch next week!
Good work