Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Work in Progress......

Where have those three weeks gone? We are in the last week of the Spring term now :-( and as many of the learners are part way through various projects I thought I would update the blog with some lovely but unfinished projects......

S has never sewn before! She put together three safe colours: brown, beige and cream and then suddenly put in a bright green.  The result is lovely, really fresh and interesting, the felt comes from Kirstyfish.
K has started a patchwork quilt after finishing her handkerchief quilt.  She is really enjoying finding great fabrics in sari shops and putting them together, the more we play with the colours the better the quilt gets. 
E has taken on the task of making two quilts at the same time!  She is just becoming obsessed with making the patches and will sort them later.
E is enjoying working with some vibrant colours for her cushion, they work really well together and are inspiring others to do colourful work.

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