Friday, 11 September 2009

Summer Homework!

Lisa ( I am now going to use proper names so my lovely stitchers get more credit) started a project for her small grand daughter. She wanted to make an alphabet wall hanging, with objects her daughter would recognise and lots of girly things as their house is full of big boys!
I suggested she plan out the project: as a group we thought of the different letters and what would represent them and then Lisa drew and coloured the small pictures to balance the whole effect. This worked very well and made a clear acton plan:

OMG! and LOOK what has come back after our long summer break!!!
Divine and beautifully made. Lisa has finished all of the little things, they are laid out in order so you can see what is what. As well as an alphabet, they can be used for all sorts of games and imaginative play when her grand daughter is older - I hope she doesn't chew them too much, although they are made VERY well. Everything is made out of our faithful fabric - felt (fff!)
This is a closeup of the 'quilt' for Q- a perfect reminder of how talented Lisa is in crafting! The next part is making the background and hanging it up proudly......:-)

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