Wednesday, 31 March 2010

just lovely

Veronika is just 'tying up loose ends' - we were thinking that this quilt is taking forever to finish, but actually, it was started last September and so only six months in the making. Also given that this is working for 2 hours a week, not counting school holidays and the odd family holiday back to her homeland, V is not doing too badly at all! :-)

So today, we introduced the 3 layers together for the first time - ahhhh.

And then quilted them together. For speed and simplicity, V is just quilting horizontally down each edge of the narrow panels. It looks great, I have suggested she might have a go at binding using this Tutorial by Heather Bailey, but the children might have to take priority over the Easter break and the quilt wait until mid April to be continued.....

Dawn has finished her cushion! She has embroidered her daughters name, birthdate and weight on the back - sorry, forgot to take a pic.
The picture in the book D used for inspiration, has a glittery rainbow. We have puzzled over the weeks the best way to recreate this, mmmmm.
Taking a trip to the local Craft Shop of Hobbies (you know the one) D bought a pack of 12 lovely glitter glue bottles. They work a treat and dried quickly. Sadly on closer inspection, I realised they were for paper crafts only and not fabric, so it is a cushion that will never be washed. As her daughter is 12, I don't think this is too much of a problem.
It looks amazing!
I hope you agree!
There is another page in the book to inspire the next cushion, very exciting work.

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