Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Stitchers-lovely stitching

Lets get this straight from the start, I can take NO credit for this work!! Lesley started the beading 8, yes 8 years ago and it is a spectacular UFO (Un Finnished Object)!!
However, she has now found some time with her new baby, to come along and join our crafting group in the Children's Centre, hurray!
I have advised that she doesn't cover the whole flower, which was the original plan, but just highlights areas. This will add more depth to the work and save hours of time.

I have also suggested that she mounts it in a circular embroidery frame and then it will make a beautiful gift for a lucky member of her family!

Olivia's first venture into sewing and she has made a delightful 'Eskimo' character, just lovely. NB, I am probably not allowed to say Eskimo anymore, but I cannot think of another way of describing this lovely 'wool clothed' little person!

Emma is new to the class and has not sewn before, but she is amazing me and herself with this group of animals: first was the fish, then the cat.

Then the cheese (which her husband does not think it looks like cheese, but I think it does here). The 'cheese' was closely followed by a mouse and a sausage dog - great work.

Leanne decided to make a mobile for her son and has worked really well the project. Her stitching has become more confident over the weeks.

She is now working on another small project to practice her stitching even more, before embarking on something larger, great work and growing with confidence each week.


  1. I miss me time... Hope you're well bean lady?? xxK

  2. I am well, Mrs Kelly Keep Fitter, thanks for asking. Make hay while the sun shines, that's the advice I was given! xx