Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In the class room today

The talented children in Craft Club have been working really well on this project. We started with some Zentangle doodling.

In week two, we 'framed' a square of the design and expanded it onto a larger square.

The designs were then coloured in with fabric pens, some of the children kept the design simple, some really went to town with their work.

I ironed the fabric pens for a few minutes to fix the colours.

The children have now spent 3 sessions embroidering along or between the lines. I thought they would soon get bored, but they have stuck at it and really worked very well. I will try and do some closeups next week with my decent camera.

I would love to make a large piece of work with these, they are very abstract and work well together I think.

For those speedy stitchers, I introduced them to the Japanese paper cutting theory of Notan. They started with a simple design and then with some more prompting, made their squares more complicated.

For those children who did not quite grasp the theory, we concentrated on making the design work as a balanced picture.

Actually, they were all striking and will be good starting points for the next project I think.

Good work :)

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