Thursday, 28 March 2013

Go to the Bramble Patch now!

....if you can
Or have a look at these lovely textile pieces for now.
I had a whole 20mins yesterday to rush to the Bramble Patch and just managed to fly round a very lovely exhibition by SiX and friends as as well as some work from courses they run there. There was no catalogue and I didn't have time to take notes and give credit (very sorry)
But some of the work you may recognise for yourselves.
The exhibition is on until April 6th, not Easter Sunday or Monday though 10-5

There is plenty to see there and for a £2 contribution to the Macmillan money well spent.
And of course you could get side tracked by the amazing fabrics in the main shop, you have been warned!

 This one I bought as a card from the Quilt Centre in York a couple of years ago, so it was a lovely surprise to see it for real.

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