Friday, 4 October 2013

Textiles at the Library

I think I was planning this exhibition when I posted my last blog way back in May. It's up and running now - hurray! Small, compact but a lovely collection of very great work by 10 textile students from the last 4 years of my teaching.

The work is here for the month of October, do pop along and see it if you can.

There are 36 pieces of work ranging from samples from the Level1 Creative textile award to the Level2 Printed repeated pattern textile length of fabric and the new Level2 Applique and Quilting awards.

Why didn't I take a photograph of everyone with their work!! I don't blooming well know, damn it.
Anyway, lets try and salvage what I have:

Sarah in the black and white nowhere near her work in this picture.

(there is a catalogue of the work with artists credited you will be pleased to hear)

 Dee stands proudly next to her printed length, while standing in front of mine!! There is another length at the other end of the panels - blue on white.

Deborah on the far right of the picture is again not standing next to her work.

Hilary in the cream cardigan is not either....

Dawn is! The large pieces of dyed shibori looked great on three of the main panels.

Deborah's simple flower printed samples. Lins tryptic.

Judi's Level1 samples

Anthea's printing and devore....with a corner of Lin's work again.

Rose's falling leaves at the top, with Deborah's fallen leaves at the bottom!

Which leads me onto a quick course planned for November:

5 x 2 hour classes of dyeing and printing fabric, inspired by Autumn colours and walks.
Course code J3D194XA

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