Thursday, 30 April 2009

New week, new group....

I've had a great week, started two new groups and started inspiring new learners straight away with new ideas.  

These are pin cushions, at their flat stage.  It just shows how ideas develop across groups, the first ones I did in a class were simple stitches round in a circle.  These ladies looked at those and a few other ideas people had tried and came up with their own variations.  There is also some inspiration from different art cultures- brilliant, well done. 

This work in progress, uses a simple circle starting point and basic stitches.  It's worked in felt and a lovely lush woven fabric.  M may now be inspired to make another one slightly different.
J. Is working really well on this cushion, we have altered the stitch to cover the seams in the middle, two blanked stitch rows which interlock with each other.  It's probably got a posh name, but I think it looks like a caterpillar stitch! The colours remind me of mint-choc chip ice-cream, I like that thought.

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