Friday, 3 April 2009

Two updates in one week....What's going on?

I made a point of catching those learners who had avoided my camera for the term, this is what they have been up to.  I have been suggesting that they plan out patches of colour on paper first. This has been a valuable process.  It makes things clearer, gives the learners space to experiment and plan colours and cuts down on mistakes in cutting the felt!

J has made 4 coasters for her dining room and is now planning the table mats.  We are concerned that the felt is not washable and thinking about how they can be protected from inevitable spills.  Lovely mix of colours.
M is working on a collage that grows out from a simple circle.  She is using a variety of fabrics and embellishing the layers with different stitches and beads.
G is planning her cushion cover on paper.  She has been keenly starting a new project each week and managing to finish most of them off during the week.  A brilliant achievement for anyone!
Below is the finished heart cushion from the previous posting, G has experimented with different flowers made in felt.

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