Monday, 11 May 2009

Equal opportunities

Yes, this week we can tick another box for equal opps.  Hurray!  I have no less than two men in my monday group and after wracking my brain for a few seconds, they are doing some lino cutting.
The lino/rubber we are using is very easy to work with.  I found it in the local Scrap Store, but sadly it was the end of a line so cannot get any more.  I am trying to source another supplier.
D. came up with this design and worked very carefully to plan it on the rubber then cut it with lino cutting tools.  We weren't sure how it would print, or what the quality of line would be.

I hope you will agree that the quality is great! Really clean line and the overall shape works well too.  D is now planning how he can repeat the design.  He is very pleased with how it turned out and has inspired the other Dad in the group to design something.

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