Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Collage and craft

The new stitching group on a Wednesday morning are very keen each week to try something different,  this week we made some scrap fabric flowers for our collage.  Playing around with different thread, buttons and beads.  
They also try a bit of 'home work' each week to make as much as they can in the time we have, great work girls.....
This is the collage so far, lovely use of different techniques and detail, I have tried to balance the design.  We are planning more animals, a pond, a sun and some this space.
M worked had to finish her tractor and trailor for her son.  He wasn't happy in the creche last week, but he cheered up when he saw what had been made for him.  This week, he had a very happy time.  The hand puppets were made by his big sisters at home and M finished them off, great teamwork.
J is making a mobile for a new baby in their family.  She has lovely ideas for detail and her stitching is very neat, we have asked for a bird for the collage, thank you J! :-)
E has never stitched before, in the first week she was getting very frustrated with herself, just with threading the needle.  After 3 weeks, her confidence has grown and her work is neat and bold.  A great use of colour and detail, well done E!

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