Sunday, 3 October 2010

New term= new projects.

We have started the new term in one Children's Centre with a new set of learning outcomes. Sounds very formal? Yes, it could well be, but to enable the course to continue I have to encourage the students to try different techniques and ways of working as possible in the course.
They have taken this new challenge in their stride and have really pushed their ideas. Sometimes with a hint of irony, but mainly because they see the value of the sessions and want them to continue.

Maxine started this project last term and over the weeks has planned other seasonal garlands for her house. A christmas version is well on it's way and will be featured soon.

Veronica needed a quick projects at the end of last term and managed to put this together very quickly while she was planning her next project which would tick all the new boxes.

....and this is the new project, with some bold fabric from Ikea, we planned a great new bag and Veronika made a good start in one lesson.

Carly has been inspired by an illustration from a children's book and is making a patch to go onto a bag. It's looked really striking and she is really pleased with the result, although she thinks her daughter may well nab it as soon as it's finished.

Hira was not sure that these fabrics went together at all. I convinced her that mini collages of flowers in the lovely off-cuts from her sari fabrics contrasted really well with the rich tartan fabric and with a bit of playing around and encouragement from the rest of the group, she was pleased with the result.

I am delighted that everyone has embraced the new criteria and I think that giving people the limit of 6 weeks to do a project has focussed them on simple but very effective ideas. More updates soon.

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