Monday, 22 June 2009

At last, the photo's in the right order.....

This small house deserves a re-run, S worked very hard to create this out of a washing powder box! She did most of it at home and only asked for a bit of advise from me and the group. It is difficult to plan exactly what is going to happen during such a project, so details were thought through and adapted.

This is just about finished. Lovely detail on the window box and the windows are now 'real' with plastic packaging glass so her daughter can peep through. Well done S, a tricky project and very neatly put together.
G was not sure whether she liked the course to begin with! I know!! However, we continued over the weeks and now she doesn't want to leave at the end of the session. Result.
G's stitching is very neat and the design is working well.
This is an update for the Patchwork girlies, K is beginning to stitch them together. I think it is a daunting task for them, I have suggested that they stitch groups of flowers together first and then stitch the flowers up later. They shouldn't get too bogged down with the overall design but still see the quilt growing. K said it looks better on a photo, you can see how many patches she has done. ( you can also see how much tea we drink in a class) :-)

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