Monday, 22 June 2009

where to begin...??

Over the last few weeks, I haven't been lazy, just so busy inspiring and reflecting (i am battling through an Adult Education teaching course), I haven't managed to 'blog' the lovely work you are all here it is......

S has found her creative voice again and is really enjoying stitching and creating. There is a list of ideas for most of her house and this is a good start for the lounge....

S started by making two bags for her small daughter's. They are too lovely to use, so they will hang on the wall with pride and come down for special occasions.

These pictures are in the wrong order (sorry, i never manage to get the hang of that)

S is working really well on this simple design. The base felt is some re-cycled from display boards from about 20 years ago! The detail is applied felt from KirstyFish lovely lady.

This is the detail:
Great use of simple stitching, very effective and a stunning composition.
This is the work so far.......

And this was the plan, Doh!!

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