Monday, 22 June 2009

Hurrah! the secret is finished!!

Well done to the stitching ladies of P. Children's Centre!! Your work is finished, a lovely master piece of team work and hard work. You should be very proud.
This was work in progress, still some spaces to fill.

A detail of the the finished piece, sorry the colours don't show up well, but I think you can see the detail and effort they all went to.
The colours show up better here and you can see the size. There are a few gaps for promised birds and rabbits and perhaps a monkey, we cannot remember! The staff at the Centre are very impressed with this and are inspired themselves. Good work.
Now for something completely different.....
M made great use of these trims for a bag for her daughter. The small crocheted flowers come from a hair scrunchie from Portugal. M used embroidery finger knitting to make the bag strap.
This is L's first project, I think it's too lovely for a pin cushion, but it suited the photo at the time. L is now working on a re-cycled quilt for her baby daughter, made form a collection of out grown clothes. I will take a picture this week i hope, please remind me L!

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